Ladders Announces Cost-Per-Click Feature to Improve Time-to-Hire and Overall Efficiency for Recruiters

The feature empowers recruiters by attracting qualified, relevant candidates to open positions


NEW YORK, NY — January 15th 2019—  Ladders, Inc., the leading career site for $100k+ jobs, today announced its newest feature, Cost-Per-Click, for promoted job ads. Available on Ladders' Recruiter site, the feature will help recruiters reduce their time-to-hire by finding qualified candidates faster, regardless of the role or industry.

By using Cost-Per-Click, recruiters will be billed at a flat rate per click, up to a specified budget amount. This gives professionals an unprecedented level of control over their job ad spending, allowing recruiters to pay only when a given post gets attention from top candidates. New users will receive $100 in introductory credit for a chance to seamlessly test the new function.

Such targeted control also improves the cost-effectiveness of promoted posts for those seeking employees in smaller markets or in highly specific roles by attracting the most relevant and qualified candidates. Recruiters can also set daily budgets with Cost-Per-Click, allowing them to shut down ads as soon as they’ve received enough candidates, or if a position is filled.

“By integrating this feature, Ladders is aiming to widen the appeal to a broader section of our recruiter base, and by driving more promoted jobs on the site, Ladders’ new feature will also be a better experience for job seekers,” said Ladders CEO Marc Cenedella. “We’re thrilled to announce this addition, which not only brings us in line with competitors, but allows for a more targeted and refined job search approach on both ends.”

Cost-Per-Click allows postings to appear first in job search results with no up-front cost, garnering fifteen times more post clicks and eight times more applicants than standard job ads, ultimately leading to a more qualified pipeline of candidates.


With Cost-Per-Click, Ladders continues to innovate to provide high-level talent acquisition and recruiting professionals with the right tools that attract the best and most active job candidates, while simultaneously enabling job seekers to conduct focused searches for the most desirable, high-paying roles in their fields.




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